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April 6th, 2018    

MY FIRST SHOW with Cj we watch trailers and stuff.

Here it gentle ....


July 28th, 2017    

Short of why I’ve been gone


May 16th, 2017    

Saya Otonashi VS Kaname Kuran

This can be poll can be found on my twitter @nerdstrike


May 12th, 2017    

Cartoons (ramble)

I talk cartoons kinda ramble about them ones I recomend and some I don't


May 8th, 2017    

Miranda INTRO!!!

My first solo podcast hope you guys tune in for more in the future thank you >_<


May 7th, 2017    

Nerd is back

I've been gone I'm back, now with more anime talk with Miranda. Still working the kinks out on how everything is going to be set.


September 14th, 2015    

Anime can be messed up

messed up anime is the topic: few come to mind but so much we didn't cover.....yet

Don't forget can email topics, comments, and anything really at 

August 15th, 2015    

I’m Back

Like I said in the podcast I'm back and feel free to email me at

June 23rd, 2015    

Miranda plays Elder scrolls kinda(with crap Joker impression)

Miranda doesn't play video games a whole lot so here you go. 


June 14th, 2015    

Random chat with friend.

Had a friend over and we just talked about things and wanted to talk about stuff. 


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